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Market Needs - C-arm Machine

Posted: 2021-01-15 14:15

The C-arm X-ray machine (also known as the C-arm X-ray machine) refers to the X-ray photography equipment with a C-shaped frame, which is used for real-time dynamic imaging in surgery. The C-arm has the advantages of small radiation dose, low risk of infection, small footprint, and easy mobility. It is now widely used in hospital orthopedics, surgery, gynecology and other departments. Mainly used for imaging and photography in various operations.

The C-arm is divided into small C, medium C and large C. Small C is mainly used in orthopedics, surgery, and treatment of pain with ozone machine. This type of product has a high penetration rate in hospitals, and basically secondary hospitals have been equipped. Peripheral interventional C-arms are commonly called "medium C" in the industry. It can be called "medium C" not only by increasing the tube power. The systemicity and maneuverability of the product design of medium C is a powerful guarantee for carrying out complex interventional operations, mainly by adding many functions related to DSA. It can complete more than 80% of the surgical requirements of large vascular machines (big C) in clinical practice. Big C: DSA is an advanced X-ray diagnostic technology that is processed by an electronic computer. It is another major breakthrough in X-ray diagnostic technology after CT. It is mainly used in the diagnosis and treatment of systemic vascular diseases. Compared with the small C and the C, the big C is fixed, some are fixed to the ceiling and some are fixed to the ground. The power is generally greater than 80kW.

The mobile small C-arm has the advantages of portability, high flexibility, and real-time imaging, which makes the small C-arm really convenient and more and more widely used.

The C-arm X-ray machine is used in surgery. Whether it is doctors, nurses, and patients, the dose of radiation exposure is not clear, and there is no means of health monitoring. This has no basis for the diagnosis and protection of radiation sickness. It is recommended that when the C-arm X-ray machine is used during the operation, the relevant personnel should wear a personal dosimeter. Protective goggles, neck circumference, lead clothing, lead caps, lead screens, etc. are all indispensable protective equipment in the operating room. Managers should not be constrained by the concept of department cost accounting. They should update their concepts, put personnel health-oriented, provide adequate protective equipment, and encourage everyone to use them correctly.


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