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What is the sleeping bag?

Posted: 2022-10-11 15:14

With the arrival of winter, outdoor product step by step have a hot marketing trend. Among them, thermal product, particularly sleeping bag, are quite popular around the world.

Sleeping bag is a bag specially designed for sleeping. Early humans used animal fur to create heat garments and cushions for sleeping. This could be the original model of sleeping bag.

Later, sleeping bag step by step developed into numerous forms, victimisation totally different materials, like rubber, down, cotton, etc.

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Due to the increase of journey activities and hiking, the nineteenth century began to develop and improve the appearance and production of sleeping bag. At that time, mummy-style sleeping bag that would tightly wrap the body were born.

After the Industrial Revolution, because of the events of production and chemical industries, artificial fibers began to be factory-made. Artificial fibers have additionally begun to be wide utilized in the assembly of sleeping bag because of their wonderful thermal properties.

The perform of sleeping bag is barely to stay the warmth loss as very little as doable, whereas the shape within the bag unceasingly generates heat to stay heat, and therefore the heat generated by different people and things is different.

Most sleeping bags on the market could be marked with comfort temperature and high temperature. The comfort temperature is a series of temperatures that the user sleeps throughout the night, with most and minimum temperatures. 

The high temperature refers to the warmth that feels hot within the bag however not plenty of sweat. it's typically outlined because the bag zipper is open, the arms were placed outside, the bag head isn't tightened, etc.

Military use sleeping bags have higher performance, and area unit divided into sleeping bag in heat areas, sleeping bag in cold areas, etc., and is generally used once sleeping within the wild. It's the characteristics of keeping heat, waterproof, breathable, light, snug and straightforward to scrub.

Hope that the fundamental introduction of sleeping bag might facilitate customers within the method of buying sleeping bag.

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