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What Are the Different Types of Stair Wheelchairs?

Posted: 2021-09-26 09:10

Selecting an escalator wheelchair is not a simple job since they are quite costly and come in various ways. In particular, during the last half-century, many new types of wheelchairs have been developed and produced since the first commercially made wheelchairs. From basic manual wheelchairs to electric stands, inclines and reclining power wheelchairs, everything is available here. In this post, we attempt to assist you by discussing various kinds of wheelchairs that are ideal for escalation in 2021.

Different types of stair wheelchair

Stair wheelchairs are available in different types and configurations.

Manual Wheelchairs

Hand wheelchairs are wheelchairs propelled by the hands of the user. The user pumps the chair forward, backwards and pivots by taking the handle around the wheels. Moreover, someone else behind the wheelchair user may push manual wheelchairs. Therefore, manual chairs are fitted with handles behind the backrest.

Powered Wheelchairs

Power wheelchairs are battery-operated electric wheelchairs that move the rider via the use of controls. This motorized wheelchair overcomes tiredness and handicaps that limit the usage of manually driven wheelchairs. Users of powerful chairs can travel farther without fatigue and enjoy greater freedom when using a manual chair is difficult or impossible.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Pediatric wheelchairs developed especially for children's usage. This category covers various chairs such as manual, powerful and specialty wheelchairs, except for small users. Some pediatric wheelchairs intended to address particular mobility problems to enable youngsters to be independent of helping technology.

Positioning Wheelchairs

Positioning wheelchairs allow the user to move in various positions on the wheelchair. Typically, electricity and batteries for both movement and placement power these chairs. There are several wheelchair positions and designs.

Sports Wheelchairs

Sports wheelchairs are available in various forms and sizes and are mostly manual wheelchairs. Specially constructed basketball, tennis, racing and even rugby seats are provided. Opportunities for wheelchair users have grown significantly as sports wheelchair technology has improved and wheelchair sport itself is implemented.


Wheelchairs that are often used

The stair wheelchairs that we often use in homes, apartments, and hospitals are given below.

Portable stair wheelchair

A portable escalator is attached to most conventional wheelchairs and is suitable for usage inside or outdoors. It enables an attendant to move a client with a button press in a wheelchair up and down the stairs. Our chair is an affordable, readily accessible access solution.

Electric stair wheelchair

The electric stair wheelchair is a wheelchair that balances itself autonomously and smoothly up and down the steps. This invention provides a dynamic experience to its users for overcoming obstacles and allows them to ride smoothly and safely on numerous rubber tracks.

Emergency stair wheelchair

An evacuation chair, also known as a stair chair, is an important life-saving tool for emergency medical personnel or firefighters to be used as a safe and fast up-or-down staircase to evacuate and transfer roller-chair users to less-fit persons or wounded and disabled persons.

Maintenance of stair lifts

In general, high-quality stair lifts are very robust and durable. Annual maintenance checks will include examining the need for new batteries and the lubrication of the gear rack for a smooth, trouble-free ride.

How much does a stair wheelchair cost?

Typically, a straight stair wheelchair lift at home costs approximately $3,000 or more. Curved lift costs depend on numerous variables, but prices start at about 9,500$ and rise as your stairs are complicated and optional.

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