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The Usage for Ultra-low Temperature Freezer

Posted: 2020-12-18 14:51

Ultra-low temperature refrigerator, also known as ultra-low temperature freezer, ultra-low temperature storage box. According to the style, it can be divided into vertical ultra-low temperature refrigerator and horizontal ultra-low temperature refrigerator; according to the purpose, it can be divided into laboratory ultra-low temperature refrigerator and industrial ultra-low temperature refrigerator. The temperature range is roughly from -15°C to -190°C. The ultra-low temperature refrigerator is a necessary instrument in biochemistry and molecular biology laboratories, mainly used for the preservation of reagents, biological samples or medicines. Ultra-low temperature refrigerators have a wide range of applications, such as biological research, metal processing, hospital pharmaceutical companies, epidemic prevention systems, and military industries.

The maintenance of ultra-low temperature refrigerators is particularly important for prolonging its life and normal use. Inaccurate temperature control often results in damage to the stored objects, which greatly affects the results of the experiment, thereby affecting the normal progress of research work. Use a dry cloth to remove a small amount of dust from the inside and outside of the refrigerator and accessories. But do not flush the inside and the upper part of the refrigerator, otherwise it will damage the insulation material and cause malfunction. The compressor and other mechanical parts do not need to use lubricating oil. Be careful when cleaning the fan behind the compressor. After cleaning, perform a safety inspection to make sure that the refrigerator plug is plugged in properly and not falsely connected; make sure that the plug is not abnormally hot; make sure that the power cord and distribution wire on the back of the refrigerator are not broken or nicked.

The difference between a horizontal ultra-low temperature refrigerator and a vertical ultra-low temperature refrigerator is as follows. First of all, the appearance is different and the door opening direction is different. The horizontal ultra-low temperature refrigerator opens the door upward. Like a freezer, the vertical ultra-low temperature refrigerator opens the door forward, with partitions inside. Secondly, load-bearing performance: horizontal ultra-low temperature refrigerators are stronger than vertical ultra-low temperature refrigerators. Finally, the sample reagents are put in and taken out: the vertical ultra-low temperature refrigerator is suitable for frequent operation, and the horizontal ultra-low temperature refrigerator is suitable for long-term storage.

Precautions for the use of ultra-low temperature refrigerators are as follows. Note that heat dissipation is very important to the refrigerator. Keep indoor ventilation and a good heat dissipation environment. The ambient temperature cannot exceed 30C. Before putting the items in the refrigerator, make sure that the temperature in the box has dropped sufficiently, and then put the items in batches to prevent the temperature from rising. Don't open the door too large when accessing the sample, and keep the access time as short as possible. Note that the samples that are frequently accessed should be placed on the upper second layer, and the samples that need to be stored for a long time infrequently accessed should be placed on the lower second layer. This will ensure that the air-conditioning is not excessively lost when the door is opened and the temperature will not rise too fast.

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