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The Development Prospects of Image Equipment

Posted: 2021-01-22 15:13

In the development of medical equipment, medical imaging equipment has always occupied an important position, and it is also a representative of the high-end industrialization of medical equipment. With the continuous development of visualization technology, modern medicine has become increasingly inseparable from medical imaging information. Imaging data is the largest piece of hospital data, accounting for more than 90%. The huge amount of image data puts huge pressure on hospital storage, transmission, and retrieval. Medical image storage and transmission system has become an important part of the basic technology and infrastructure of modern medical radiology practice. It is used in medical consortia and clinical diagnosis. , Medical research and other aspects are playing an extremely important role. With the development of science and technology, the development of medical imaging equipment is becoming more and more rapid, and the functions are becoming more and more perfect. The current clinical application of medical imaging is also increasingly important. my country's medical imaging equipment industry currently has a large market space, but the per capita possession of equipment is low, and domestic equipment is generally at a disadvantage in the competition. It can be seen that my country's medical imaging equipment industry still has great development potential.

Medical imaging equipment refers to various instruments that use various media as information carriers to reproduce the internal structure of the human body as an image. The image information has a spatial and temporal distribution corresponding to the actual structure of the human body. Medical imaging equipment includes: medical X-ray machines, digital imaging equipment, X-ray computed tomography equipment, magnetic resonance imaging equipment, ultrasound imaging equipment, and nuclear medicine imaging equipment.

It is more difficult for medical imaging, pathology, and especially pathology to promote mutual recognition of examination results, because it is more cautious to promote mutual recognition of pathological results because it involves the accuracy of the sampled parts, and the most important thing is to promote mutual recognition of medical imaging results. my country is gradually improving the hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system, making the configuration of medical imaging equipment moving in the direction of small and medium-sized hospitals, and the hierarchical system is also accelerating the construction of independent imaging centers in my country, which will make the medical imaging equipment market more diverse. The hierarchical diagnosis and treatment system is an important measure to rationally allocate medical resources and promote the equalization of basic medical and health services. The goal is to rationally channel and redistribute medical resources, promote the sinking of medical resources, and thereby improve the diagnosis and treatment capabilities of small, medium and primary medical institutions. The implementation of this policy will drive the imaging equipment market for small and medium-sized hospitals.

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