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Patient Monitor

Posted: 2018-07-04 13:33

                                                  Patient monitoring is vital to health care and is used in both hospital and non-hospital environments. Our global team of engineers is dedicated

                                                  to working with medical device and equipment manufacturers to provide innovative technologies that deliver reliable, accurate information

                                                  targeted at continuously improving patient diagnosis and outcomes.

                                                  In medicine, monitoring is the observation of a disease, condition or one or several medical parameters over time. It can be performed by

                                                  continuously measuring certain parameters by using a medical monitor (for example, by continuously measuring vital signs by a bedside

                                                  monitor), and/or by repeatedly performing medical tests (such as blood glucose monitoring with a glucose meter in people with diabetes mellitus).

                                                  Transmitting data from a monitor to a distant monitoring station is known as telemetry or biotelemetry. A medical monitor or physiological monitor

                                                  is a medical device used for monitoring. It can consist of one or more sensors, processing components, display devices (which are sometimes in

                                                  themselves called "monitors"), as well as communication links for displaying or recording the results elsewhere through a monitoring network.

                                                  Our patient monitors and other medical monitor products have been tested and retested by both our manufacturing engineers and experienced

                                                  medical professionals to ensure accuracy, reliability and ease of use, and they are compliant with requirements from all major auditing agencies to

                                                  ensure optimum efficiency and quality. Designed for comfort, patient-worn devices use wireless technology to transmit data and alarms to where

                                                  they're needed -- at a central nursing area, remote observation area, or caregiver mobile device. Our devices feature a range of measurement

                                                  capabilities to address the clinical needs of general and intermediate care patient populations.

                                                  Whether you need compact and durable patient monitors for a small field clinic, upgraded portable monitoring systems for emergency response

                                                  vehicles, or reliable yet affordable technology for a major metropolitan hospital, Dragon Medical can help. Our multi-parameter patient monitors

                                                  have been designed to become an extension of the care provider, which makes providing an exceptional level of care easier than ever. We

                                                  understand that the care of your patients comes first and your medical monitors should support that. You’ll get the advanced patient data you

                                                  need for timely decision making in a wide range of settings, thanks to enhanced networking connectivity.

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