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Nursing Bed - Good News for Patients

Posted: 2020-12-11 14:02

Nursing beds are generally powered beds, divided into electric or manual nursing beds. They are designed with family members to accompany them according to the patient’s bed-ridden living habits and treatment needs. It has multiple nursing functions and operation buttons, and uses insulated and safe beds. Such functions as weight monitoring, eating on the back, regular turning over alarm, bed sore prevention, negative pressure urine bed-wetting alarm, mobile transportation, rest, rehabilitation (passive exercise, standing), infusion administration, and related prompts can prevent patients from falling out of bed.

The rehabilitation nursing bed can be used alone or in conjunction with treatment or rehabilitation equipment. Disabled and paralyzed patients often require long-term bed rest, so that under the action of gravity, the patient’s back and buttocks will be compressed for a long time, resulting in bedsore care beds, which are divided into electric care beds and manual care beds, which are inconvenient to move. Hospital beds used by patients or home care. Its main purpose is to facilitate nursing staff to carry out nursing and help patients recover as much as possible. With the continuous progress of mankind and the continuous development of science and technology, the functions of the nursing bed are constantly increasing, which makes it more convenient to care for patients. Bedridden patients spend most of their time in bed. To solve the problem of cleaning, drying and leveling the bed, it is very important to solve the problem of toilet. The nursing bed for paralyzed patients enables the patient to turn around at any angle from 0 to 60 degrees. After turning over, the nursing staff can assist the patient to adjust the side sleeping posture, so that the patient can rest more comfortably.

The research and development of intelligent nursing rehabilitation bed is in the leading position in the country. It is mainly used in the intensive care unit of various hospitals and rehabilitation institutions. It is used in the post-acute postoperative care of patients with various diseases to prevent pleural and ascites effusion. The purpose of promoting the recovery of limb function. At the same time, it can be remotely operated remotely, allowing medical staff who treat severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia to reduce their heavy labor and effectively prevent infection. The intelligent nursing rehabilitation bed can increase the blood circulation of strong patients, reduce the occurrence of pressure sores in critically ill patients, improve comfort, and is easy to operate, save strength, and reduce the labor and hard work of medical staff. The intelligent nursing rehabilitation bed is suitable for the nursing and rehabilitation of severely ill patients with new coronary pneumonia.

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