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How to use the sleeping bag?

Posted: 2022-10-17 10:46

In hiking, camping and even military training, sleeping bags are more and more widely used.

However, some people have not mastered the correct use of sleeping bags, which greatly reduces the thermal insulation effect of sleeping bags.

The most common incorrect use of sleeping bags is as follows: do not close the zipper, and do not tighten the cord. Sleeping like this until the middle of the night, you often feel your body loses heat and even wake up from freezing.

Sleeping bags with a temperature scale below 0 degrees will have a chest wall, in order to tighten the head and then tighten the chest, so that double insulation.

The general use principles of sleeping bags are: fire prevention, moisture resistance, hygiene, etc. No smoking in sleeping bags and stay away from campfires. If wet or after use, it should be dried or dried in time.

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Here's how to properly use a sleeping bag:

1. Buy a thin sleeping bag liner for the sleeping bag and put it inside when using the sleeping bag, so that even if the body is dirty, the first thing to get dirty is the inner liner, which is more convenient to clean.

2. It is very important to use a good quality moisture-proof pad for the sleeping bag, especially the sleeping bag filled with down. Because the volume of the sleeping bag will shrink when it is under pressure, and the part that is pressed under the body will become very thin. If the moisture-proof pad is too thin, the cold air will reach the back from the ground, and the cold will be unbearable.

It is recommended to use two ordinary moisture-proof mats when camping on snow. Of course, if it is a thick moisture-proof pad with good moisture-proof effect, it is enough.

3. Don't wear very thick clothes and get into the sleeping bag, it will not be warm. It is very comfortable to slip into a sleeping bag in a set of long thermal underwear, but remember not to wear cotton underwear to sleep in a sleeping bag. If the sleeping bag is too hot, sweat will wet the cotton underwear, which is very uncomfortable to stick to the body.

4. You can fold the warm layer clothes into the sleeping bag a little, and you won't feel cold when you wear it the next day, but don't put all the clothes into the sleeping bag, so as not to affect your sleep.

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