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How many types of spine board ?

Posted: 2022-08-24 09:34

There are many types spine board, it can be divided base on below 4 aspects,

(1) Shape

According to the shape, it can be divided into two-end conical, conical, plate, human-shaped and other stretchers, such as American two-end conical spinal fixation plate, American conical fixation plate, Italian plate stretcher/vertebral fixation plate, human-shaped whole body splint imported from the United States, The narrow head end without foam filling is more convenient for carrying patients during water rescue. The tapered design at both ends increases the flexibility of transfer, and the arc-shaped design at the corners increases the safety of patients and operators.

(2) Folding method

The spine board can be divided into two-fold and four-fold according to the folding method, which is convenient to carry and has a small space occupation rate.


(3) Material

Classified by material, there are red all-plastic rescue stretcher, imported polyurethane rescue board, imported high-density polyethylene spinal fixation board, American imported all-plastic spinal fixation board, domestic all-plastic stretcher with head immobilizer, imported thermoplastic stretcher pad, imported high Density polyethylene spine back fixing plate, etc. These materials can prevent the injured person from slipping off the fixing plate, and can be removed for fixation. It has the characteristics of anti-collision, anti-corrosion, waterproof, etc., does not absorb any liquid to prevent leakage, and can be penetrated by X-rays through. The thickness of each part is uniform to prevent accidental breakage. Both the front and the end are equipped with wrist holes for easy handling.

(4) Purpose

Classified by use, there are imported polyurethane rescue mattresses, imported children's rescue stretchers, American water rescue spine fixation plates, American wide body spine fixation plates, domestically produced all-plastic rescue stretchers with seat belts, American marine rescue spine fixation plates, and American marine rescue spine fixation plates. Sports-specific spine fixation board, domestic full-plastic stretcher with head fixer, American disaster relief spine fixation board, etc., are suitable for the rescue of spinal injuries in swimming pools, and also for rescue at sea. can effectively protect the safety of patients

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