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How do you use the CPR Mask

Posted: 2022-07-12 19:34

1. Lie the simulator on its back, remove the pillow and tilt its head back

   2. Remove any foreign bodies in the mouth and throat, dentures and other foreign bodies, and suction sputum or blood and other secretions in the mouth with negative pressure.

   3. Insert the trachea according to the situation to prevent the tongue from biting and the tongue falling back.

   4. The rescuer is located at the back of the head, tilts the head back and drags it, and makes the airway unobstructed with the chin up.

   5. Cover the mouth and nose with the artificial respiration mask, hold the mask tightly with the thumb and forefinger to keep it close to the face, and lift the lower jaw with the other fingers.

   6. Squeeze the artificial respiration bag with the other hand to send air into the lungs.  The respiratory rate is 12-15 times/min for adults, 14-20 times/min for infants, and 35-40 times/min for infants.

   7. Observe the regularity of the chest rise and fall of the simulator, and whether the color of the face and lips turns ruddy.

   8. Those who have not received CPR qualified training should not operate this equipment.


   Precautions for the operation of artificial respirator:

   1. The size of the mask used is suitable, and the artificial respiration mask EH-010 is suitable for adults and children.

   2. Before receiving oxygen, please remove the air storage bag so as not to hinder the air intake.

   3. Masks, spheres, do not touch oil, lubricants or other chemicals to avoid damage or aging.

   4. Disinfect in time after contamination.

   5. After washing, it should be tested according to the requirements before use.


   Instructions for use of artificial respiration mask EH-010:

   1. The mask is easy to clean and reusable.

   2. The mask can be connected to the resuscitator after removing the one-way valve.

   3. All accessories are latex-free.

   4. When the rescuers perform artificial respiration on the patient, this product can protect the rescuers.

   5. It is suitable for adults and children, and can be used in CPR courses to teach artificial respiration skills.

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