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Dialysis Chair

Posted: 2018-06-25 11:46

                                        In a patient connected to an artificial kidney for the purpose of dialysis it may be necessary to transfer him to a

                                        so-called shock position as quickly as possible. This shock position differs from the position normally assumed

                                        by the patient on the dialysis chair. In order to able to pivot the head part and the foot part of a dialysis chair

                                        comprising a head part, a seating surface and a foot part, as reliably and simply as possible into the essentially

                                        horizontal position, the head part and the foot part are connected to one another via an integral shaped piece

                                        which is located on that side of the dialysis chair which is opposite the support surface.

                                        Patients with end-stage renal disease spend many hours each week undergoing dialysis and ensuring that they

                                        are comfortable during treatment is a key priority. The dialysis population without a "dialysis home" is a high-risk

                                        population in need of intensive medical care but the approach to these patients continues to be debated. Although

                                        this study does not prove or necessarily support a dialysis on "emergent" basis approach over chronic, scheduled

                                        dialysis, the study does demonstrate that case management can play a significant role in the care of these patients.

                                        Case management oversight and management of our patient population resulted in costs equal to, or better than,

                                        those who received chronic dialysis care without a difference in complications over a 6-month study period.

                                        Our specialised dialysis chairs, which are designed and manufactured in Australia, have been created with both patient

                                        comfort and nurse safety in mind. Indeed, the T Series range of chairs has ensured that Australia's leading healthcare

                                        centers have the most advanced and versatile medical chairs available. The dialysis chair provided by the utility model

                                        has the advantages that the arm of a patient can be fixed, the cushion height, the backrest angle and the position and

                                        width of the arm fixing device can be adjusted, so the dialysis chair can adapt to the needs of patients of different body

                                        types, and the sense of fatigue of the patients generated by sedentariness can be reduced; the arm fixing device can

                                        also be removed from the fixing plate to facilitate the disinfection treatment.

                                                  Modern detailed finishing of the upholstery as well as mechanical and electric parts underline the high standard of the comfort-line.

                                                  Continuous adjustment to all sitting and lying positions, adjustable armrest, utmost comfort for your patients. It makes the chairs suitable

                                                  for dialysis centers, blood bank, blood donor centers and all kind of luxury hospital rooms.

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