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Best Stair Climbing Wheelchair

Posted: 2021-09-15 09:02

Stair-climbing wheelchairs are quite helpful and may save your life if it is a stairway. Not all staircases, however, have the same clearance. Furthermore, if an impediment, such as a tiny child's chair or a big, uncomfortable bag, does not function, then you end up being forced to walk up or down.

We develop stepping wheelchairs to overcome this issue. Most wheelchair models feature one or more wheels, which may be attached to a platform less than the steps. You may now use your wheelchair with a platform on any surface, including stairs. It enables a wheelchair user to go up and down the steps without fearing that their way is blocked.

Types of stair Wheelchair

There are two main categories for stair wheelchair,

1. Fixed Stair climbers

2. Portable Stair Climbers

Fixed Stair Climbing Chair

Fixed stair climbing or persons with disabilities are home lifts and escalators, also known as escalators. These consist of a seat attached to the wall or the vests. The stair elevator travels on the fixed "rails" of the staircase above the steps. To utilize this, a person with a disability must walk the steps up and down without a wheelchair or help from another person.

Portable Stair climbing wheelchair

Portable stair climbers for persons with disabilities in a wheelchair are another issue. The primary benefit of tracks or wheels is to be utilized on more than one-step, even in the same structure. They are mobile and may be moved by vehicle. It significantly lowers the limitations on the mobility of a person in a wheelchair. However, as we will see, the different kinds and models of mobile escalators vary greatly.


What are we offering?

As the electric climbing wheelchair and stair, lift chairs producer, our stair climbers meet all transportation needs – up and downstairs. We provide several portable wheelchairs.

1. DW-SW03 Big Wheels Motorized Stair Climbing Chair

2. Walking Electric Stair Chairs

3. DW-SW02 Wheelchair Climber New Style Electric Stair

4. Climber aluminum light-weighted stair

5. DW-ST003A Electric motorized steering wheelchair for persons with disabilities

6. Elderly Powered Folding Stair Climber

Our stair-climbing wheelchair is for sale at a very low price.

What are the benefits of a stair wheelchair?

Many individuals with disabilities can only move about in a wheelchair. Therefore, the stair climber that allows a disabled person to go up and downstairs in a wheelchair is essential to them.

The advantages of stairs climbing wheelchairs are

• Climbing ability of stairs

• Easy to manage

• Movement on any matt/surface is smooth

• Works more efficiently

• You need two people to control the functioning of the wheelchair

• It can move all the way.

• Simple and independent operation feasible on stairs and steep slopes

• To some degree feasible operation as a conventional wheelchair

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