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Without our people, Dragon Industry would be nothing. Each and every employee possesses unique skills and knowledge in a wide range of areas. And collectively, we share a greater wealth of know-how and competences than ever before. That's why we value all of our employees so highly.
  At Dragon Worldwide, we want to challenge our employees and test their skills in a way that ensures their growth and development, both as individuals and as one collective body. More than anything, we want to be an organization that inspires people to be passionate about their work.
In addition to striving for customer satisfaction and strong financial returns for our stockholders, we are committed to the following:

               Ensuring excellence in all of our HR processes

 · Encouraging change and constantly creating new challenges

· Building a workplace where people feel good

·  Using systems of recognition based on performance

· Creating an environment that attracts, keeps and develops talent

   Without our customers, Dragon Worldwide would lose the way of survive,We warmly welcome the customers from all over the world come to build good cooperation with us. Customer first,quality first is our principle.

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